Our Founders specifically designed Coastal Compass Executive Suites from their over 40 years of personal executive business experience. The offices are oversized and up-fitted with high-quality office furniture and artworks – creating a professional office environment second to none. The best part? We have focused on the efficiency of the office so you focus on running and growing the business. You only lease what you need for the business—reducing your overall cost. We do not nickel and dime you on the add-on cost of a mailing address, mailbox, or conference rooms.

Coastal Compass allows you flexibly so you focus on what is most important – growing your business.


The Coastal Compass Mission Statement

Guided by a moral compass of excellence to provide an elite professional office experience for both established professionals and exciting up-and-comers. Committed to providing today’s top executives and businesses with a flexible, scalable space that allows them to focus on what’s most important – growing their business.

Meaningful Networking


Since we seek a group of like-minded and growth-focused business executives, we host optional monthly business roundtable lunches to foster collaboration among the peers in the building and work together to grow each other’s businesses. Being a business owner can be lonely when faced with tough decisions or situations you haven’t navigated before. Our goal is to not only lease space but also bring together highly successful professionals that work together for mutual financial success.